Game Related Rules - Spring

Last updated: Scott Dunham - 5/31/2023 8:56:44 AM
  1. PITCHING-Slow pitch, 6ft‐12‐ft. perceptible arc. Pitching mound is set at 50 feet. 53 feet mound is optional. Mat/plate is strike zone. Illegal pitch is a ball, nullified if batter swings.
  2. Double safety base at first. (ASA rule 8.2). Only Home plate and not the mat must be touched to score a run.
  3. Maximum 10 players in field, all position in fair territory except the catcher. Catcher must position in a catcher stance. Count on batter will start at 1 ball and 1 strike.
  4. No bunting, no stealing, no leading.
  5. Runner remains on base until ball is hit. If runner leaves early on a hit the runner is immediately out and the umpire declares a dead ball. This means that the result of the play does not count including a ball or strike against a batter or the result of the ball being hit into play. Any other base runners remain at their original base. See #18 for retouch parameters.
  6. Two strike foul: Caught Ball is in play, runners can tag although the batter is out (Updated 2019 season). Foul tip: any ball fouled back and caught by a catcher is an out; the height of the ball does not matter.
  7. Catcher's option to wear a mask and throat protector. Pitcher may wear face/skull protector/ shin guards, etc. League strongly recommends pitchers wear face masks at a minimum. 
  8. Team may select the option to allow everyone present on their roster to be included in their batting order. Players may freely substitute in the field but must remain in the same position in the batting order. Late arrives must be placed in the last position the batting order. Late arrival may become a field player immediately. Team captains are responsible for batting order and changes with the opposing team captain.
  9. Team may select to bat only 10 players with extra players on the bench treated as substitutes for the entire game. Starting players and substitutes may re-enter the game one time but must always occupy the same position in the batting order.
  10. If a player gets remove from a game or has to leave field his position in the batting order is eliminated and all players move up one position He may not reenter the game if he misses a turn at bat and there was no legal substitution for him. An out is not recorded.
  11. Base runners must slide or give themselves up to avoid a collision with a fielder. On potential double plays the runner must slide or remove himself from the play. If the runner violates this rule he is called out. In addition the umpire at his discretion, may call an automatic double play.
  12. Forfeits: If a team reports forfeit 24 hours prior to game time and that game is therefore cancelled, the cancellation overrides the forfeit, and the cancel game will be rescheduled as a make up game on the next available date. If a team knows in advance that it must forfeit a scheduled tournament game and contact the Umpire coordinator to advise of forfeit, the umpire fee is waived but team is eliminated from tournament.
  13. Ejection: If a player is ejected from a game an out is NOT recorded but his batting position is skipped. Both team Captains must report ejection to commissioner prior to next game. The INQUIRY, which will follow an ejection will determine if a player receives a minimum game (standard will typically be 5 games) suspension and will be ineligible to play in their team’s next scheduled game. Any player ejected for violence or disorderly manner shall come before Advisory Board before being allowed to play again for a judgment regarding that player’s future playing status in league. It is the team’s captain responsibility to report all ejections to Advisory Board. If ejected player plays without being cleared by advisory board then a forfeit of those games will be reported.
  14. Mercy Rule: there is a 15 run mercy rule after 4 1/2 innings (home team winning) 5 completed innings if visitors are winning.
  15. A protest is to be handled in a timely manner. The notification of protest of rule violation within 24 hours to Advisory Board. The intent to protest must be made known to the umpire before the next pitch during game.
  16. If a game is suspended due to inclement weather or adverse field conditions prior to the completion of 4 1/2 innings (if home team is winning) or 5 completed innings (if visiting team is winning), the game will be played in its entirety at a future date. Tournament games that are suspended are played from the point of game stoppage (updated for 2018 season).
  17. If at any time a bat is challenged and umpire does not have a list to check bat, please take a photo of bat and send it to the Commish. If bat is found to be illegal, the team will be awarded a lost for that game and player suspended one game. This is a serious charge because player's safety is put in jeopardy. If umpire can determine that bat is illegal at the field then book rule: if hitter used bat then hitter is out all runners return to base. If hitter did not use bat he is allowed to switch prior to hitting. 

  18.  Base runners that are on first or third may retouch first or third for safety reasons by declaring such. If a ball is played by the batter it is responsibility of runner to retouch base or face the consequences of fielded ball. 
  19. Landing Field 3: Hitters (and baserunners) have the option to run the bases on over the fence HR's or may elect not to without penalty (New 2022 Season)
  20. Extra Inning Rule: Runner starts at second base top and bottom half of each inning after the seventh is complete and game is tied. NOTE: Should not be someone coming to bat soon in the inning (New 2022 Season)

Home Run: Landing Field 3: 5 HR's (over the fence) allowed per team then the ball is dead and an out is called (Updated 2022 season from 3 plus 1)