League Related Rules - Spring

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USA Softball Rules

The league entrance fee is $705 (2022), paid start of season. Additionally $10 in cash for continued use of the website. Umpires will be paid cash $30 per team per game so plan accordingly plus playoffs.

Rosters have a maximum of 20 players, all who have reached the age of 21 by season start. The rosters must have at a minimum 50% of the players having some sort of affiliation to Roxbury (updated from 10 in 2020). Whether they went to school, work, live, former residents or have relatives who meet this criteria. Roxbury twp. includes Hopatcong and Mt. Arlington. Each team will be allowed to include ten (updated from 5 for 2019 season) out of town players on their roster.  Out of town players are not grandfathered. Players who are listed on a teams roster may not play for a different team during the current season. 

To be eligible for the championship tournament; must play in 40% of regular season games, eligible consists of at least one at-bat or 3 defense outs played in field. NOT JUST SHOWING UP!

If a team received a forfeit by their opposing team, all members of roster gets credit for participation for that one game.

If a team forfeited NO members receive credit for participation for that game and will lose one game of eligible.

Courtesy Runner: One courtesy runner per inning. Any roster player may act as a courtesy runner.  If a player is on base running and their time to bat comes up, they will be removed from the base and take their turn at bat. An out will be recorded for the person for whom they are running. If that same person who got a runner bats more than once per inning, they can still recieve a runner.

If a team forfeits two games during the regular season, they will enter the championship tournament with one loss.

If a player was injured and missed minimum number of games a verbal waiver must be submitted prior to start of tournament to advisory board. Advisory Board will rule on player eligibity.

New players who contact the League Commissioner to join the league will be made available to teams via a "waiver wire" process. Email sent to last place team will begin the process on up the standings until player is claimed.

Teams are required to keep scorebook with both teams lineā€up recorded. The captain/coach of each team must be able to verify number of games played of roster players prior to the tournament.

Team may not start a game with less than 8 players. In the event a team has 8 players, the opposing team will supply a catcher. This catcher shall retrieve pitch balls but may not participate in the “play” of the game. If a team has 9 or more players, they must supply their own catcher. There is no waiting or grace period unless a team has less than 8 players to start the game. After 15 minutes a forfeit will be declared if the team cannot field 8 legal roster players.

Sunday games (when scheduled) will start at 6pm, 7:15 and/or 8:30pm. Weeknight games will start at 6:45, 8 and 9:15pm (was 7:00 and 8:15pm). Make-up games will be played ASAP, as scheduled by the league. If necessary to get the games played the make up games will be scheduled to start earlier midweek.

  •  NO SMOKING ,NO VAPING, NO DRINKING ALCOHOL as per Township"s rules. 

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