Bat Releated Rules

Last updated: Darren Milun - 4/14/2023 11:57:05 AM

BATS –SAFETY for all. The only bats that are legal are: 1­ piece, single wall, aluminum (or aluminum alloy), slow pitch softball bats (no double wall or multi­wall bats, no baseball or fast pitch softball bats). No composite bats of any kind. All bats must be a continuous shell with no visible seams. Any bats not fitting this description are illegal. Illegal bats are NOT safe and can hurt a defensive player.

A listing of legal bats is on web site and list will be distributed to all team captains. No new bats will be added to the 2017 bat list after the first game of the season. Any bats not listed on the bat list as legal for use will be considered illegal and may not be used during the 2017 season, including playoffs.

Prior to games, all bats must be placed against the fence behind the backstop for the opposing team to check. Each team must provide at every game no less than 4 bats and no more than 6 bats, A bat may not be removed from the game unless it becomes defective or the owner of the bat leaves the game and the field (in which case, a team may be permitted to have less than 4 bats). You cannot add a bat once the game starts.

Any player on his own team may use any legal approved bat that is brought to the field by his team only.

Any illegal bats will be brought to the attention of the umpire. If any bats are illegal they are to be immediately removed from the field, preferably before the play of game. No penalty. Bats can be challenge during game.No Tolerance Rule – Each team is responsible for ensuring that all of its bats are legal, and any team caught furnishing an illegal bat that has already been declared illegal and is used by any player in any game will automatically forfeit that game.  The person using illegal bat and the person who furnished the bat will sit out the following game or the captain will sit out if no ownership is claimed or if owner used a known illegal bat .The offending team will also forfeit the game. The team, batter and player who furnished the bat will be subject to the discipline and penalties set forth in this rule.