Fresh Cutz over Fielder's Choice for their second Fall Championship!! Great re-match!! Congrats!!

1. Fresh Cutz
2. Fielder's Choice
3. Outsiders
4. Sons of Pitches
5. Killer's Krew
6. LaGratella
7. Happy Hour Heroes
8. Mt Arlington Lakers

Rolling Schedule

Day of Week Date Time Location Home Team Away Team

Roxbury over 30 Men’s Softball League

The Roxbury Men’s over 30 Softball league is a fun yet competitive league for Roxbury and Mount Arlington residents who reach age 30 in the year of competition. The league is sponsored by Roxbury Recreation and has been in existence since 1979. It was originally conceived as an “open” league with no age restrictions but evolved into what is now an over 30 league. And while players must be 30 years of age to participate, and each team may now have a maximum of three players at age 25, many of the players are in their 40’s and 50’s.

League eligibility has been modified during the recent past by allowing Township employees as well as graduates of Roxbury High School, and spouses of RHS graduates, to participate in the league. Additionally those players who participated in the league, and then moved out of the Township, have been “grandfathered for league eligibility. Finally each team is now allowed to add up to three (3) players from "out of town" to their rosters but at a cost of $25 per player. League entrance fee per team, paid to Roxbury Recreation, please inquire as to the current amount.

It is recommended that teams have a minimum of 15-20 players on their rosters when coinsidering all the family and work conflicts which can arise for many of the players.

League play typically begins in late April and continues through the end of June. At the conclusion of the regular season, a double elimination tournament is held to determine the league champion. All teams are eligible to participate in the tournament.

Overall League Standings

Team Wins Loses Tie RA RBI
Fresh Cutz 11 1 0 101 185
Fielder's Choice 9 3 0 101 170
The Outsiders 5 4 0 83 72
Son's of Pitches 4 5 0 112 103
LaGratella 4 5 0 127 102
Killer's Krew 3 6 0 110 115
Happy Hour Heros 3 6 0 114 94
Mt. Arlington Lakers 0 9 0 124 31